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Vega Squadron player Denis seized Kostin told the “Championship” why he decided to upload vlog from CS:GO tournaments to YouTube. According to him, eSports organizations highly value media players, as they are more interesting to sponsors.

About prospects for young players in CS: GO

“It’s a lot friendlier and easier than before. There are a million ways. For example, the same numerous leagues where you can play in some mixes, win and you will be noticed. Pass the same qualifiers on the FPL, where you can play with all the professionals. And if you show yourself well there, you will be invited to the team. Previously, this was not. You just had to go with your team to the local Lans. And only if you go somewhere further with them, then they might accidentally notice you.

The same system of minors helps them to open. Tournaments are already in all parts of the world, even in Brazil. This is a tournament that you can go to if you just play well. You do not need to receive invitations, there are open qualifiers for the tournament, which the whole world is already following. This is where you have a chance to prove yourself.

Previously, the professional kitchen was very difficult to get through. It’s not even about the world, but about your country or even the city. And now it is very easy. ”

About YouTube Logs

“It all started from the moment when I was removed from Gambit. I realized that I still somewhere around 3 months will not have any options before the major. But I need to somehow keep in touch with the public.

And in general, it seems to me that such videos, when you show the backstage life of a tournament, are very interesting. I myself enjoy watching such lugs when Zeus or other players take pictures of them.

Of course, it’s difficult to do it yourself, because it takes a lot of time and you spend on it the strength. Therefore, I cannot do them so much: I can record one or two in one tournament, because I need time to prepare and train. But I think this is the most interesting content that players can make. This you will not see anywhere else. <…>

Of course, for the organization are important players who are more media. Because thanks to this, sponsors come to them, they can offer something and so on. It is obvious. The club itself is working on this issue.”

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