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Peter ppd Daguerre declared that Evil Geniuses are favorites in the meeting with Ninjas in Pajamas , but his team will do everything possible to win. In the post-match interview at MDL Disneyland® Paris Major for Dota 2, he also spoke about the victory over Vici Gaming and the temporary change of roles in NiP.

About changing roles

“Our players do not play very well in different positions. Neta [33] was the carry of HellRaisers until he joined OpTic Gaming . There, he first was a support for the fourth position and later became an affiner. Anyway, he has a lot of Kerry experience. FATA, in turn, played a little on the first position, but feels fine in offline. Therefore, they are ready to switch roles if we take someone like Lone Druid or Broodmother. Neta also likes to play Meepo and occasionally performs on Naga Siren. I would say that we have a flexible composition, but not too much. ”

About the match with Vici Gaming

“We knew that we had the potential, but could not cope with the best teams – Secret,, Evil Geniuses, Liquid, LGD and so on. With Vici Gaming, we almost never met. There were a few matches in the past, but then she was weaker. Now the team has grown and won the DreamLeague Major. I think we just got the rOtk strategy. So I was glad to meet Vici in the quarterfinal [top grid]. ”

About the match with Evil Geniuses

“Now I feel more confident than ever. Nevertheless, I consider us “catching up” in this meeting. So we just try to do our best to win. I am sure you can beat them. I hope we give them a fight, although EG destroyed us in Stockholm. I would not want this to happen again. ”

Ninjas in Pajamas beat Vici Gaming in the top bracket of the MDL Paris Major 2019 and advanced to the next round. There the team will compete with Evil Geniuses. The beginning of the meeting is scheduled for May 10, 21:30 Moscow time. You can follow the results of the championship in our report .

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