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Despite the fact that we met with HellRaisers player Tomasz Oskar Stastny after their uneasy victory over Vega in the framework of the playoffs of the Forge of Masters, we barely talked about the match itself. The conversation flowed in a completely different direction and concerned his departure from Mousesports, returning to HellRaisers and about the prospects of the current composition of the Ukrainian organization to break into the world top.

– How do you like the Forge of Masters?

– In the first game is always difficult (HR hardly beat Vega Squadron). Before the tournament, we had difficulties with visas, so we didn’t train for almost a week. So it could be worse.

– Can you compare the feelings between playing the EPL and here in Kiev?

– It’s funny, but the teams for such local tournaments can sometimes show themselves much better, because they simply have nothing to lose. It is difficult to play with such teams. On the ESL Pro League, we, as a team, wanted to show that we are a good team, and here we are favorites, most likely, and everyone is eager to beat us.

– Why do you so uncertainly call yourself favorites? 
“We still lack practice.” HellRaisers is waiting for the long road of the world top.

– As much as I would not want to avoid this issue, but still. Why did you leave mousesports? Initially, because you wanted to leave.

– Yes, I still had problems a year ago, after IEM Sydney 2018. And even after the victory in New York. The team had a bad atmosphere. At the EPL finals in Odense, I told the guys that after the major, I would leave the band. I did not feel happy. I even thought to finish my playing career, but now I understand that I just needed changes.

– Is it motivation?

– Yes. Too many tournaments, too many flights – it drains. And the whole atmosphere around … Knocks out.

– In a minor in Katowice it reached a peak, or you just underestimated opponents?

– It was definitely the underestimation of rivals. Yes, and we were ready weakly, we didn’t train a lot and got a natural result.

– Have you considered any other proposals besides HellRaisers?

– No, only from them.

– Why?

– Because I wanted to return to ANGE1. We had good times in the past, I hope we can repeat them in the future.

– How did he change during the time you played in different teams?

“Funny you asked.” I would say that in many respects he is still the same Cyril, whom I know, but experience and confidence are felt in him. Previously, he could simply feedlessly feed the whole game, now this does not happen.

Translation: “I have never seen a world-class player who would be so consistently humiliated as oskar during his performances at mousesports”.

– Thorin once wrote that you are the most undervalued shooting-1 player. What do you think of his words?

– Yes, sometimes such thoughts come to me. As a rule, I try for the benefit of the team, not paying attention to the statistics and so on. But if I make some beautiful moves, it is only because I received information from my comrades on time. Sometimes it happens on its own. But it’s true, I think I’m really undervalued by the community. Especially in relation to a few people who are very hip.

– In mousesports, you constantly have periods of high achievements replaced by strong recessions. There are reasons why this is so?

– It’s all about command chemistry. Imagine yourself, six people from different countries. We tried to find a common language to remain colleagues. I have no idea why it didn’t work out, most likely due to fatigue towards each other.

– LMBT is back with you. Who called whom, or are these processes separate from each other?

– No, these are not related events. At first, even I did not want to join HellRaisers when I learned that LMBT would be the coach. I was very tired of my old surroundings and wanted something completely new. But I reviewed my views, now even our joint work is felt differently, so I really hope for a fruitful season.

– with Mousesports you consistently ranked in the top 5, even in the top 2. HellRaisers is now far away from that. How much time do you need to reach your peak shape?

– I would say that we need two or three months, which will fit the major. The goal is to get to the top 8, but I don’t think that I will surprise anyone in my own words.

– What happens if you do not get the status of “Legends”?

– I do not know, I still have to think about it. I don’t think about the end of my career, so, most likely, I’ll just continue to play further.

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