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In an interview with the team portal Natus Vincere, PUBG lineup manager, Valeria Lera_X ”Hegai spoke about the goals for the second phase of the PUBG Europe League, teamwork and failure at the PEL Kick-off Cup.

– Have the players of the new NAVI roster managed to get along with each other? How do guys spend their free time?

– In terms of living together, I think everyone is quite comfortable. There was almost no free time at the Kick-Off Cup, because every day was a game. When a free minute was issued, the guys played games, watched videos on YouTube, streamers on twitches and TV shows. I hope that in the second phase we will be able to spend more free time in the fresh air.

– Now there are three people in the squad, each of whom used to be a captain. How do guys get along with each other, is there a dispute and the so-called pulling the blanket over yourself?

– I did not notice this, the guys respect each other for their individual skill and experience. Common crawl en Ceh9 was deliberately chosen captain, his calls are not disputed in the game. Everyone understands why they come together. This, by the way, is an advantage that several people are well understood in tactics. On occasion, they can generate ideas, helping the captain, the main thing is to build everything correctly.

– Is it easy to work with the composition? Have there been any funny incidents?

– There are difficulties, but in general the guys are very motivated and organized. I think we were lucky to collect so skill players. It remains only to help them become a real team. Funny moments happen quite often, but as they say, it’s better to see it once … During the second phase, the video will be released on our channel NAVI PUBG. I think you will see for yourself;)

– In the Kick-Off NAVI groups, they showed themselves excellently by entering the main stage from second place. What emotions did the guys experience then?

– I think the guys have experienced an emotional upswing, they played well the last day of the group stage, there was confidence in the actions, confidence that they can play together and take tops. It unites and strengthens faith in the composition.

– But in the final part it was not possible to repeat the success – the thirteenth place. Why? Squad faced stronger rivals from group B, or just relaxed after the group part?

– In the final part, the guys decided to give up the usual spots on both Jokers cards, because they did not want to share the spot with the team, which, in fact, had nothing to lose in this tournament. It was difficult to play from other spots without training, lacked experience and confidence in actions. There were both individual errors, difficulties in communication, and lack of play. This tournament was a great experience for us and showed the direction in which the team needs to move.

– Minimum task at PEL Phase 2?

– Enter the top 5 in the second phase.

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