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In mid-October, Riot Games flooded us with news for the tenth anniversary of its flagship production, namely League of Legends. Then the American studio announced work on many new games from the LoL universe, such as Legends of Runeterra, Project F or Project L. It was a clear signal that Riot is finally going to use the potential of League of Legends in other game genres. One studio is not enough, however, to conquer the gaming industry – and it does not have to be.

Yesterday evening, the creators of the most popular MOBA on the market announced the start of Riot Forge, a publishing brand operating as part of Riot Games, which, together with other game development studios, will be preparing next productions embedded or using the LoL universe. This means that the previously mentioned games, and LoL and Teamfight Tactics alone will not be the only games in which we will be able to see characters or locations from the Legend League.

However, before you think of something like LoL 2 or MMO other than Project F – it should be noted that Riot Forge will create games for one player only. So the only chance to test your strength against other players will be productions straight from Riot Games. And although this may bring slightly less experience than previous Riot productions, we won’t be able to complain about the versatility of Riot Forge products – the brand announces that its productions will be available on the most popular platforms, including consoles, smartphones and, of course, PCs.

At the moment, Riot Forge does not reveal with what exact studies he has established cooperation, but we will not have to wait long for the disclosure of the first one. We’ll meet him on December 12 or 13 (12 in American time) during The Game Awards. For now, please visit the website of the new Riot Games brand , where you will find more information.

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