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e can consider this year’s F1 Esports Series edition closed. On the pages of the history of virtual struggles, David Tonizza, a new individual world champion, and Red Bull, who proved to be the best in the constructors’ ranking, have signed up. Patryk Krutyj did not enlarge his achievements and ended the season with modest six eyes written in a poem next to his name.

Race # 1

After qualifying session at Suzuka, most representative of joy had Williams who represented Williams Álvaro Carretón, who set up his car in front of Frederik Rasmussen and David Tonizzą. After the lights went out, the Spaniard maintained his position, although he pulled the substantial peloton of drivers behind him. Rasmussen, who was just waiting for the mistake of a player from the Iberian Peninsula, turned out to be particularly troublesome for the 18-year-old. Carretón drove almost perfectly, but at the beginning of the fifth lap he had to capitulate and give the lead to the runner-up in the general classification. The top three left in solid service on the sixth lane, then returned to the track in a slightly changed order.

While Rasmussen remained first, Carretón and Tonniz fell two places down, at the expense of Lucas Blakeley and Patrik Holzmann. A German racing under the Toro Rosso flag shortly after the start of the race pulled down for a super-soft mixture, the consumption of which at the end of the competition could significantly hinder riding. Nevertheless, Holzmann did not want to give up the podium at any price and fiercely defended himself against the advancing drivers. Tenacity brought results, after all, the 25-year-old finally reached the top three, and Rasmussen and Blakeley also stood on the popular box. Starting from the eighteenth field, Patryk Krutyj finished the opening round of the day in the fourteenth position.

Race # 2

After the Japanese Grand Prix, the difference between Tonizzona and Rasmussen shrank to 13 points. In the time trial preceding the race in the United States, Denmark did a great job, because he won the best starting position. A few meters away was Daniel Bereznay’s car, but Hungary had already suffered considerable losses in the first corner, because it was pushed wide off the track. Rasmussen, who kept his main competitor at bay in the fight for the championship title, was confidently ahead. It was difficult for the Italian to start the fight, hence he tried to reverse the race by descending on the fourth lap. This maneuver did not bring any benefit to the Ferrari member, and one can even say that he allowed Rasmussen to gain another hundredth of a second advantage.

About halfway through the struggle, it could be said that the triumph of drivers from northern Europe is no longer in danger. Especially that Tonizza, instead of eliminating losses, was embroiled in clashes with Enzo Bonito and Brendon Leigh, who found themselves better on the set of intermediate tires. To make matters worse, a player from the Apennine Peninsula crossed the lines marked on the track and was punished with an additional three seconds. At one point, Rasmussen reached Tonizza’s teammate, Amos Laurito, who was the only one who had not yet visited his mechanics. In conversation with the racing engineer, the Danish player did not hide his anger, because he had the impression that Laurito was deliberately trying to slow him down. Fortunately, in this case there were no unnecessary contacts, and Rasmussen probably managed with the second red car.

Race # 3

Before the grand finale of this year’s edition, Rasmussen was ahead of Tonizzas by just four points. After all, Italy had all the cards in his hands because he won pole position before the round in Brazil, and Rasmussen was only seventh. The Maranello team representative did not have to look at anyone, because each scenario assuming his victory guaranteed him a championship crown. Rasmussen, in turn, had to play va banque – part of his desperate plan was rapid, because the tire change after the premiere loop, the tires were changed to super-soft. Anyway, without a serious mistake on the part of Tonizza, the Red Bull driver could not count on a positive turn of events and could only blame himself for this.

Tonizza was perfectly aware of Rasmussen’s location and rode as if from notes, although he couldn’t afford any distraction. He had Bereznaya on his back, and it is no special secret that the Alfa Romeo rider knows overtaking maneuvers like hardly anyone. At the end of the fourteenth lap, Hungary finished his lead and took the lead. Tonizza tried to chew on the race leader, but, naturally, he did not launch any risky attack so as not to accidentally damage his car. As a consequence, the balance of power did not change to the finish line, so “Tonzilla” could celebrate the title in his debut season in the F1 Esports Series. In the third race at the start there was Patryk Krutyj, who gave way to Daniel Shields.

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