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In Apex Legends there is only one mode – the command “royal battle”. Some users are waiting for Respawn Entertainment to add a rating game to the shooter. What should it be? Reader reddit S252512 offered its concept to developers.

The idea of ​​the user is to adopt the system from Dota 2, but to change it a little. In his opinion, Respawn should create two ladders – single and team. In each players will earn MMR, which will determine their rank. Before matches, participants will be shown the average MMR units.

The basic idea of ​​the S252512 is the MMR counting system. He believes that points should be removed from players if they are inferior to an opponent below rank, and vice versa.

The user reddit believes that the rating mode will keep the game popular. However, he noted that developers should first understand the servers and bugs of Apex Legends.

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