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The eleventh duel of Team Liquid from Astralis this year was similar to all 10 previous in one respect – there was no shortage of emotions in it again. Both teams, however, fought a rather specific battle, in which they alternately struck themselves solid blows, as if waiting for one of them to be knockout. And in all this crazy scenario the formation from Denmark was more lucky, which triumphed at the opening of the BLAST Pro Series Global Final. For Astralis it was the sixth consecutive victory in the confrontations with TL.

The duel of the two biggest rivals in 2019 began without pointing to either side. It was only after a good few minutes that Liquid began to take over the initiative, mainly due to three wins in a row. But the Danes did not remain indebted, because they responded with five consecutive triumphs and thus took the lead in the duel. However, this was not the last time in the first half, when there was a change in leadership position – the final fragment belonged to players from overseas. But again the joy of the lower five did not last too long, because the rivals really successfully started playing the role of anti-terrorists. Much credit goes to Nicolaia “dev1ce” Reedtz, who in one round eliminated all opponents. This event undoubtedly breathed new strength into the representatives of Astralis,

After a few minutes of rest, the competition moved to Inferno, and there Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski and company started from high C, scoring four inaugural points in their favor. However, literally after a while after the advantage there was no trace. Astralis, clearly irritated by the unsuccessful start of the map, rushed to make up for the losses and did it so effectively that the first half ended with a series of 9 consecutive rounds won! And this run was even extended to 10 skirmishes, because the charges of Danny “wife” Sørensen also added pistol round to their achievements after changing sides. After that, however, Liquid broke. The winners of the second edition of Intel Grand Slam took the example from competitors and this time they won 8 times in a row. After such a great game period TL, there was a crisis again, which was much more severe this time. Thanks to the excellent finish after a duel full of twists, the team from Europe wrenched the victory!

The next matches in Bahrain tomorrow from 13. All meetings along with English commentary will be available on the  official BLAST Pro Series channel  on Twitch. For more information about the BLAST Pro Series Global Final 2019 we invite you to our relationship, which you can go to by clicking on the banner below.

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