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The case of discrimination against women has been dragging on around Riot Games around the summer of last year, when evidence collected by the journalist of portal Cecilia D’Anastasio saw the light of the day for the first time. The article published on the website contains a lot of information about the culture of work in Riot branches, as well as confessions of former and current employees of the company. It is no wonder then that when the case was finally publicized, more people gathered the courage to tell their story related to irregularities in Riot Games.

Just a few months later, Melanie McCracken and Jessica Negron filed a class action lawsuit against the studio in a California court. At the time, both plaintiffs claimed that many women working at Riot Games were denied equal pay and their careers were stalled solely because they were not men. In addition, during their work they experienced unpleasant situations, such as sexual harassment or prejudice against women. According to both employees, the lawsuit was aimed at stopping Riot from creating, encouraging and maintaining a work environment that permits discrimination and harassment of women.

As the Los Angeles Times found out , the case is coming to an end, and as a result Riot Games has decided to pay all employees who have been associated with the company since November 2014, compensation totaling over $ 10 million. About 1,000 employees were on the list of people who will receive money from Riot, so each of them will receive at least $ 10,000 in compensation. However, the final amount will depend on the total working time for the studio.

It is also worth mentioning here that the payment of compensation is one of the few steps taken by Riot Games to address the problem of discrimination in the company. Over the past year, Riot has made significant changes to its policy of influencing employee behavior and has employed a director of diversity. The company’s spokesperson also summarized the end of the case for the LA Times. – We are pleased that we have a settlement offer that will allow us to fully resolve the class action. This settlement is another important step forward and shows our commitment to achieving our values ​​and making Riot an environment conducive to the greatest talents of our industry.

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