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Riot Games responded to the demands of employees who on May 6 began to strike at the company’s office. The developers of League of Legends called the event “an important episode in the transformation of Riot,” but said they would not make changes to labor contracts until they figure out all the active legal processes.

The striking employees demanded that Riot Games abandon the clause in the contracts, which obliged the employees to resolve all issues of discrimination and sexual harassment in the company through arbitration. To achieve this, more than 150 people went on strike on May 6, some of them filed lawsuits against Riot.

The developers of League of Legends noted that new employees will receive a modified version of the contract, which meets the requirements of the strikers. In addition, the company will establish a council that will help improve corporate culture and make work at Riot more secure.

For the first time, journalists in the summer of 2018 told about discrimination in the studio that created League of Legends. After that, the company management promised to correct the situation, but most of the employees considered that their demands were not met.

More than 150 employees of Riot Games began a strike at the main studio office in Los Angeles. Employees of the company are dissatisfied with management policies regarding sexist corporate culture.

The rally was held in the parking lot of the office – Riot Games allocated for strike two hours from the working time. The protesters indicated that the current leadership policy violates the basic principles of the company, and the authorities still have not reported how the situation changed after the sexist scandal in the summer of 2018. Employees also demanded that Riot resolve current problems before May 16 – then the second strike will take place.

One of the participants of the rally also stated that she would leave the organization in the near future, since “she does not want to see the people who were covered by the bosses”. It was about the removal of several company executives who returned to their posts after only a few months.

In the summer of 2018, Kotaku published an investigation into discrimination and harassment at Riot Games. After that, management promised to change labor standards and clarify the list of corporate values, as well as to start a dialogue with all employees. Later, workers reported to Kotaku that the studio did not fulfill their requirements, which is why some people sued the company.

In April 2019, it became known that Riot Games began to discourage employees from going to court and offered to solve problems in private. This policy of the company caused a new wave of discontent – it was this that prompted workers to go on strike.

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