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Three players in Dota 2 scored more than 20 thousand levels of Battle Pass, and one of them exceeded the bar of 30 thousand levels. Of course, this is not achieved, if you just do the tasks and make bets – it was not without a generous donate. Entowr calculated how much users spent.

To get the 20,000 level, you need to buy a Battle Pass with 100 levels and add 830 bundles of 24 levels. This means that a user from third place, whose level is 20,003, spent $ 44.99 + (830 * $ 9.99) = ~ $ 8,336. If he bought achievements in rubles, then he would have spent 2,900 + (830 * 645) = 538 thousand rubles. The second doter spent only $ 49.95 (or 3,440 rubles) more.

In order to score 32,674 levels and get first place, Sweetheart had to purchase about 1,357 bundles. The Battle Pass cost him more than $ 13,601, and in rubles – more than 878 thousand. Each OG player earned so much in seven minutes of playing at The International 2018 .

For this money, Sweetheart could subscribe to Dota Plus for 322 years – a dozen generations of his family would be enough. For 878 thousand rubles, you can also distribute 925 copies of PUBG, 585 – GTA V, 439 – Rage 2 or 737 – Mortal Kombat 11. With 631 copies of Artifact, he would also have enough money – but it is not known if he could find people to distribute .

The numbers do not seem so impressive if you compare them with the current prize fund of The International 2019, which is almost $ 12.8 million. Three Battle Pass holders with the highest levels brought the tournament only $ 7,580, or 0.06%.

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